Below are some images of my CoCo system using the VGA Adapter designed by Roy R. Justus.  At the bottom of the page is a brief note from Roy that includes details about the adapter and contact information in case you want to buy one.  

Don't let the screen shot below fool you.  The image from this adapter is quite good, I'm just not that good with a camera.

-Jim Cox

Front of the CoCo VGA Adapter Back of the CoCo VGA Adapter Screen shot.
Front of CoCo VGA Adapter Back of CoCo VGA Adapter CoCo VGA screen shot

Adapter Details

Dimensions of the CoCo VGA Adapter case:
6 1/16" wide
6 1/4" deep
1 3/4" high

This device converts the 15khz RGB video signal coming out of the Coco3 into a 31khz SVGA RGB video signal which is compatible with any standard SVGA CRT or LCD monitor. To order simply send an email to me at RJRTTY at aol dot com

When I have a unit ready for you I will notify you at the return email address of your message. You can pay
me at that time with a Paypal payment to my email address or with a personal check by snail mail.

Price is $48 which includes a power supply.