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Hello, my name is Jim Cox and welcome to my homepage.

I haven't done much with this page lately, but I am begining to post a few links for some of my interests such as astronomy, computers and retrocomputing (specifically the Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer or CoCo,) as well as notes and links for Tcl/Tk and C/C++ for those new to programming such as myself.  I'll be adding more links in the future, including links for meteorology and robotics.

I am by no means an expert at HTML, so if you have problems accessing this site or some constructive suggestions as to how I can improve the layout of this site, please drop me a line at the address near the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Astronomy Links
Seattle Astronomical Society
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Eastside Astronomical Society
Tacoma Astronomical Society
International Dark-Sky Association

 My own astronomy site
The SEE Project
For visually impaired astronomers
CoCo Links
The NitrOS-9 Project
The Glenside Computer Club
CoCo 25th Anniversary Site
Bob Emery's CoCo Site
6809 and CoCo Books
CoCo VGA Adapter

C/C++ Links
The cplusplus.com tutorial
MS Visual C++ Reference
Helpful HTML Links
web tutorials, reference, howtos and help
Tcl/Tk Links

Tcl Developers Xchange
Tcl/Tk Cookbook
Robotics Links
Seattle Robotics Society

I collect Motorola 6800, 6809 and 68000 based computers and educational trainers.  My primary interest is in the Radio Shack Color Computer (Models 1, 2, & 3) and I am always looking for new items for that system.  I am also currently looking for a Heathkit 6800 trainer and a 68000 trainer based on  I. Scott MacKenzie's book "The 68000 microprocessor"  I believe the part number for the latter is the 68KMB and it was manufactured by URDA.  I am always interested in meeting others who have similar interests, so feel free to send me an email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.   

As of 11/07/2007 the following email addresses no longer be valid for contacting me: jimcox@nwlink.com, miba51@nwlink.com, jimcox@isomedia.com, miba51@isomedia.com   Somone else may end up using them, so please use the email link below to contact me.


Jim Cox
Bellevue, WA.
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